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Moving to Caribbean Curacao

Have you always dreamt of moving to a Caribbean island? Curacao, for instance? But you don’t know the specific conditions or what you need to prepare for when emigrating to this tropical island?

Playa Kenepa Grandi, Curacao

Na Kaminda means ‘on the way’ in Papiamento. And that is exactly what we do. We help you on your way with all the hassle of arranging a residence permit, housing, insurances and finding an international mover. We help you with the always changing necessary documents, entry requirements and processes. Consult our experts for the best advice or let us take care of (part of) your immigration plan.

Advantages for American citizens moving to the Caribbean

  • Close to the USA
  • No restrictions to rent or purchase property
  • English is one of the official languages
  • International airport Hato

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‘Na Kaminda’ - Caribbean Immigration Services

It’s not easy finding correct and accurate information about what needs to be done before you can live on Curacao or the BES-islands. Sources may be unreliable or contradictory. Na Kaminda helps with:

  • Work and residence permit
  • Shipping household effects
  • Insurances
  • Establishing and support for start-ups / companies
  • Housing
  • Others, such as arranging a rental car, or a postal address before arrival

Consider ‘Na Kaminda’ your partner when you:

  • Want to emigrate to Curacao or to the BES-islands
  • Need or want to work in the Caribbean as an expat or indefinitely
  • Want to retire on Curacao or BES-islands
  • Want to settle your (start-up) company on Curacao or BES-islands
  • Are a student or trainee seeking an internship abroad
  • Want to rent a second home in the best place to live in the Caribbean

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We have been working hard to build a translated section in our website where you can find lots of information about the Caribbean Islands in general and about our immigration services.

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